Neil McNulty
B.Sc., N.D.(cnm), D.H., D.I., M.I.R.H.
Founder of Herba Vitalis
> Herbalist, Naturopath, Iridologist
> Teacher, Motivator, Travar
Neil has always had a love of nature and plants.  As a kid growing up in the countryside of
Northern Ireland he liked nothing more than to go wandering in nature and to secret places. 
Adulthood took over and he turned to the conventional world of colleges, technology, city
jobs, world travel and goal searching. 
Eventually, the call back to nature was ignited after a year spent travelling around Australia. 
Upon returning to Ireland Neil decided to study Naturopathy and Herbalism with the College
Since then he has studied Iridology which he finds complements Herbalism and Naturopathy. 
Neil is always in search of new methods, recent research, insights, trainings that can
enhance and complement his own innate healing gifts.
His love of plants and nature can only be matched by his passion for inspiring others.  He
frequently contributes to the media and regularly gives talks, lectures and workshops on
topics such as: herbs for everyday living; Iridology: the body & the personality; medicine in
your kitchen cupboard and more.
Neil brings enthusiasm, energy and love to the creation of a healthy, safe and integral
community.  Through genuine co-operation he believes that healthy environments can be
created and nourished so that all beings, humans, animals and plants can co-exist in a
healthy relationship and participate fully in the community.  When a community is healthy
then all the individuals have permission to shine with their unique essence so they are whole.  
If the Doctor is sick and
the patient is sick then
who is doing the healing?
Before giving medicine to
others one must firstly ask,
search and receive
healing first.
Media Work
TV3: The Morning Show 
(Herbal Medicine & Winter Tips)
~ 15 mins in!
TV3: The Morning Show 
(Colds/Flu, Digestion)
~ 28 mins in!
TV3: The Morning Show 
(Healing Smoothie making)
~ 25 mins in!
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