Ayahuma Sanctuary
“I create a world of healing so that we all can sing our heart song;
I do this by actively listening, holding safe space and being compassionate.”
This is my mission and it is one that serves me well. It is important for me to have a mission
statement as it serves as a yardstick for living my life with integrity.  Of course, I am much more
than this statement however, when I am feeling low and lost for answers it helps me realign.
The mission is an organic process!  Always changing and reforming; when new visions are born
then appropriate actions are forged. 
Not only the individual but also the community needs a mission for seeds to be grown,
nurtured and blossomed.  Below is the mission for the Ayahuma Sanctuary
“We create a sanctuary of sacred space so that all beings can share, create and feel whole;
we do this by building safe boundaries, engaging the child within, teaching responsibility,
accountability and of course having fun.”
And all of this will change and grow!
The sanctuary was named for the Protector of the Place.  The Sacred Ayahuma Tree of the
Amazon. It was the first medicine I dieted on, the first plant song (icaro) that I learnt, and it
was the first song that I sung at the place, the sanctuary.  And the trees and the spirit of the
place responded to the song really clearly.  Afterwards, when being frustrated that the place
needed a name, the name was already there on the tip of my tongue and I said it and it felt
Ayahuma, Ayahuma, Ayahuma.  Poderosa Medicina!
i no dehe tu Amor!!
- Nikki Darrell - Ireland
- Borka Cafuk - Croatia
© 2009-2012 Neil McNulty.  All rights reserved.
Ayahuma Tree
A powerful teacher tree
and medicine.  And be
aware of falling pods!
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