I have a natural distaste for boxes and when I find myself in one I seek to climb right out.
Maybe my acuteness of observation as a kid taught me that nature can’t be put in a box.
Can you remember when young being curious and wanting to play in nature? Well, when I
was young I used to be fascinated how any insect or creepy-crawly I put in a container
would never give up trying to get out even though its chances were slim.
And did you ever notice a small plant growing on the side of a building or through a crack in
the pavement? Did you not wonder how this was possible when there was little or no soil? 
You see nature can’t be boxed, buried or ignored for long. Sooner rather than later it will
show up and begin telling you something about yourself and your environment that you
wished you didn’t know.  And as a species we have tried real hard not to listen.  Waking up
can be very painful and for a little while we can pretend we are still dreaming.  You have a
choice, get out of bed and smell the coffee or go back to sleep.
What I want is a world where we help each other wake up, stay awake and heal up.  We
can’t do it alone, the plants can help us - and want to help us - and we can help us.  If you
need help just ask and follow the golden thread to who you were born to be.  The gifts that
only you have cannot benefit when the unique genius inside you has not been fully born into
the world. Go out and find your midwife!
The Herba Vitalis community will continue to grow and I will continue to grow with it.
“Creating a healthy, alive and loving community where all beings benefit from
nurtured and mentored human beings.”
When we are able to
fully give birth to our own
unique genius inside then
all of life's lessons,
journeys and experiences
will enrich our true selves
so that
we can reach
fulfilment and happiness;
our communities will
© 2009-2012 Neil McNulty.  All rights reserved.