Knowledge sharing and storytelling creates bonds and builds relationships between ourselves,
our communities and our inheritance.  So we have added this page to share knowledge,
ideas and experiences.  It will contain articles, musings, recipes, snippets, quotes, medicine,
thoughts and much more.  In time, as the Herba Vitalis community grows, it will include many
more voices and every one of them is valuable to the wellbeing of the community.
If you check out the links on the right you will see valuable sharings from friends: the more
voices we have in telling the story, the richer our lives will be and the healthier we will
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researched and tested, it is important to realize that individuals react to herbs differently and
people use them at their own risk. It is the individual’s responsibility to be aware of the power
of herbal medicine. We are not able to accept responsibility for people’s use of herbs or for
the content of any external links. Would that we lived in a world where such a disclaimer was
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Love Labour Life
This article was written to record the journey of my wife’s pregnancy and the birth of our son. 
It gives some useful pointers and information on alternative remedies to help those women
who are looking for natural ways to ease their journey.  And I think it is a good read, then
again I would I wrote it.  READ MORE
The Eye - the Window to your Personality
If you have an interest in Iridology (the study of the coloured part of the eye) and what it says
about your personality and character then you’ll enjoy this article.  Here I discuss briefly the
main personality constitutions and some striking features - easy to see with the naked eye. 
What does your Iris say about you?  READ MORE
Herbal Smoothies
Share these with your family and friends and all the while they are loaded with medicine. 
Of course, they’re very tasty as well.  GET THE RECIPE 
You are the Creator
of your own reality. 
Within you are all the
ingredients needed to be
In order that you live
with Vitality and Integrity all
you need to do is learn to
work with them.  
What our friends
are sharing
- Nikki Darrell
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